Chemical Analysis of Evans Plunge Mineral Springs Water:

Water Temperature: 87 Degrees Fahrenheit

Total Residue: 87.9995

Inorganic and Non-Volatile: 4.9160

Organic and Volatile: 8.050

Sulphate of Sodium: 8.824

Sulphate of Potassium: 3.331

Sulphate of Calcium: 16.290

Nitrate of Magnesium: 0.150

Iron Sesquioxide: 0.260

Alumina: 0.021

Silica: 1.830

Evans Plunge Mineral Springs—The Original Black Hills Tourist Destination

For thousands of years, the valley of healing waters, called "wiwila kata" by the Lakota (meaning warm springs), was prized for the warm spring-fed river. Both the Lakota and Cheyenne utilized the natural river of warm water springs that flows through present-day Hot Springs.

Fast-forward to 1890, over a quarter century before four presidents’ faces were carved on Mt. Rushmore, Fred Evans built the first structure over numerous small, sparkling springs and one mammoth spring of mineral water that made up the first Evans Plunge (these springs continue to flow at a rate of 5,000 gallons per minute and refresh the entire pool every one and a half hours). Visitors quickly came to Hot Springs seeking a place to relax, swim, and soak. The warm mineral springs of Evans Plunge along with the many other bath houses quickly made the community of Hot Springs a must-visit tourist destination.

Present-day, the springs at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs have seen two new structures take the place of the original 1890 building, with the most current building being built in the 1970s. Purchased by the City of Hot Springs in 2013, Evans Plunge Mineral Springs continues to provide visitors and residents of the area the opportunity to swim, splash and soak in natural, warm, spring-fed waters. Unlike other pools, the natural water of Evans Plunge Mineral Springs is minimally treated, providing users a feeling of rejuvenation.