Is the water hot?

This is the most commonly asked question we get, and requires a bit of explanation. The original Native American name for the Hot Springs area was "Minnekahta," which means "warm water." The founding citizens of Hot Springs chose a slightly misleading name in English. The water at Evans Plunge and in Hot Springs is 87 degrees fahrenheit year-round, which means it is slightly cooler than body temperature but also quite warmer than other pools. Many "hot" water springs tend to smell of sulphur, but the water here is crystal clear and scentless, which we think is a huge benefit.

When you first step in the pool, it may seem cooler than expected, but as you continue to swim, your body will adjust and you'll appreciate its warmth like generations before you. Also, the water is warmest on the north end of the pool, near where the largest spring bubbles up.

What do I need to bring?

You will need a swimsuit and a towel. If you do not have a towel, we rent fresh laundered towels for $2.00 each. We do not rent swimsuits but we do sell both swimsuits and towels in our gift shop. You can swim in shorts and t-shirts as long as the shorts are hemmed and do not have strings (such as cutoffs).

Do you have life jackets available?

We offer life jackets free of charge if you need to use them.

Can I bring in food or a cooler?

Sorry, no outside food is permitted in the pool area. Food and beverages are available at our front desk area. Further, if you already are traveling with food, we do have greenspace available nearby where you can picnic.

Is there a safe place for my clothes and valuables?

We have quarter operated lockers for your convenience in the men's and women's locker rooms. These are a one-time use machine, meaning everytime you lock them you will need additional quarters.

If you have further questions please call us at 605-745-5165.