We are all about you making great memories and having a wonderful time, but we would like to point out there are rules in place to help keep you and others safe.

Pool Rules

Lifeguards are here for your safety, please to listen to them!

  • All swimmers must wear swimsuits. Cut-offs, jeans, and sweatpants are not allowed. T-shirts may only be worn if approved by a Lifeguard.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • Aqua socks may be worn, if clean, before entering the deck or pool.
  • Coolers are not allowed inside this facility.
  • No glass containers in pool or locker room area.
  • All towels must be kept away from the pool and clear of all walkways.
  • Personal flotation devices (PFD) must be Coast Guard approved and used only with adult supervision in the water.
  • Air mattresses and other adult-sized floatables not provided by Evans Plunge are not allowed. Swimming goggles are allowed.
  • Children under 7 must be accompanied by someone 15 years or older.
  • All flips, back dives, and twists are not allowed
  • No running, pushing, dunking, or horseplay is allowed.
  • It is advised all guests should put their clothes and personal objects into a locker. The City is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. No items are to be checked with the cashier or other pool personnel.
  • Headfirst entries are not allowed
  • Food and beverages may be purchased at the concession stand. No outside food and beverages are permitted. Food and beverages purchased from the concession stand, except water, is not allowed in locker rooms or pool. Please deposit all trash in litter receptacles to help keep our facility clean.
  • Guests are allowed to use cameras and Video cameras inside the pool - remember to keep them away from the water unless they are designed for water use.
  • Swimming at this facility is a privilege. Any swimmer not following the rules may be asked to leave.
  • These rules and others dictated by common sense will be enforced by the staff.

Slide Rules

Lifeguards are here for your safety, please to listen to them!

  • Individuals must be 48 inches tall to go down the slide unless otherwise approved by a lifeguard.
  • Slide feet first in a sitting position or lying on your back using the provided mat. Sliding head first or twisting is not allowed.
  • Keep arms and legs inside slide walls at all times. No stopping, kneeling, or standing in the slide.
  • Individuals may not catch other sliders in the splash-down area. 
  • Please exit the pool using the nearest steps after sliding.
  • Wait to slide until the person before you exits the slide and is clear of the end of the slide.
  • Only one person may slide at a time unless otherwise approved by a lifeguard.
  • Guests should hold eyeglasses in their hands while sliding.
  • No swimming or loitering in the water slide splash-down area.
  • Personal Flotation Devices apart from lifejackets are not allowed on the slide. 

Rings Rules

Lifeguards are here for your safety, please to listen to them!

  • Must be at least 5 ft. tall (No Exceptions)
  • One person at a time
  • Make sure area is clear
  • No one is allowed under rings
  • Do not bang or kick the rings
  • No hooking elbows
  • No sitting on ropes
  • No high swinging
  • No one on rings before 8 AM
  • Must start at Start Line

Health Club Rules

  • Must be 16 years or older to use Health Club by yourself, children under this age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult
  • Children using the Health Club must be in the same area as their adult supervisor
  • Do not use hot tubs, sauna, or steam room for more than 15 minutes at a time
  • If you start to feel dizzy or light headed, please exit Health Club and cool down immediately
  • Oils, lotions, or other fragrances are not allowed in the sauna or steam room
  • Do not pour water on the heating element in the sauna
  • Users of the Health Club must obey the directions of the Lifeguards
  • Please be respectful of all persons using the Health Club

Weight Room and Cardio Room Rules

  • Any person 16 years of age or older may use gyms. 
  • Shirt and close-toed shoes are required in gym, and you must be dry.
  • Shoes must be cleaned before entering into gym.
  • If volume needs adjusted on stereo, or channel needs changed, please ask for assistance as this plays other places in the building. Volume may not exceed 8DB
  • No visitor bands may enter into the gym
  • Only water, Gatorade, and fitness drinks are allowed, please no food.
  • Respect other gym users.
  • Return weights after each use
  • Wipe down all equipment after each use
  • No children allowed in gym without adult supervision. Child must be in the immediate vicinity of their adult supervisor at all times.